The Most Natural Way to Move a Golf Club

Please welcome my new YouTube Video Channel, Ken Kubitz, Professional Golf Instructor. Here is a nice selection, to my website here.  Play all is a wonderful feature!  We also are generating podCasts, and have recorded. Stay tuned!

Here is Kelly Gardner

Moses Alipates

And Colt Sherrell, an extremely talented Junior. I coach all of them!

About kenkubitz

Trained by Manuel de la Torre, 40,000 golf lessons since 1970–and still not done yet!
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1 Response to The Most Natural Way to Move a Golf Club

  1. Jack Crosley says:

    Hello Ken,
    I want to come and see you for a golf lesson.

    Jack Crosley

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Ken Kubitz
    Date: Sun, Jul 23, 2017 at 12:38 PM
    Subject: Fwd: [Ken Kubitz, Professional Golf Instructor] Please moderate: “The Most Natural Way to Move a Golf Club”
    To: jack ________ . com
    Cc: David Korn

    Dear Jack, Ken is glad to help you. He did not know how to get ahold of you. Just saw your comment, and hastened to write you immediately after asking Ken if you both got to connect. He has limited use if any of email and internet, but this is one of the many things I do for him, as a trusted helper of several years now…

    Its great that you reached out to Ken. Thank you!

    If you give us a phone, he is glad arrange. I help Ken twice per month with his paperwork and admin.

    He is at 253 202-2561. He loves text, if you have that. I am unfortunately in his email, two or three times per month… I am with him now, in his office.

    You can get me in real time, at 253 214-4282, and email, above. Glad to help.

    Kind Regards, David Korn, Tacoma


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