Ken trained with the best of the best, having worked with Manuel de la Torre.

Not being your average golf instructor, Ken would ‘much rather give one thousand lessons for a dollar, than a single lesson for a thousand dollars’.

And this is exactly the sort of philosophy he inherited from his legendary teacher de la Torre.

That he loves to teach and just how special he is, shows in his having in the last three decades given 44,000 lessons.

Ken is not not your average, run of the mill sort of golf instructor. Ken is somebody special.

Because of all of his life experience, he brings to bear more than just golf to his students. His students learn a lot more than the golf swing.

Most golf instructors do not have a clue. And Ken brings lot to table from the depth of the vast life experiences he has had.

To name just a few, while caddying on the PGA tour for two years, he visited 44 states living out of the back of his car, visited Mexico twice, and five provinces of Canada. He has caddied for J.C. Snead, and worked next to Arnold Palmer, and coached MANY professional golfers.

Kens is also extremely tenacious.  Surviving his beloved wife after recovery from his own prostate cancer, at an age when many men are just watching TV or playing cards, despite being in the early November of his life, he is at the range teaching EVERY single day he possibly can.

And as an adopted child, he latter in life decided to find his birth mother, convincing a judge in a court hearing that he had a right to be permitted to find her after forty years and he did.  It is because of this, as he puts it, that he can teach at the level he does.

Before going on the tour, he was also a Juvenile Parole Officer, handling felons.  A fellow caddie on the tour once asked him:  ‘do you ever get nervous?’  To which he replied, ‘this is nothing.  You try sending kids to jail!’   After his first stint on the tour, he did another four years with The Division of Family services.  Ken brings a lot to the table, and its way more than golf.


Click here, for a easily readable facsimile of the above letter, written by Manual on Ken’s behalf, They Say.

Ken teaches at Tacoma Firs, Driving Range in Tacoma–14 or 50 minutes from either the Tacoma Narrows or SeaTac Airports (26 miles).  Lets set a time!

Please call or text me today at 253 202-2561 to arrange a lesson, or kenkubitz@gmail.com.  ———-

Although I got to be under Manuals wing and by his side since the early 70’s, well into my years I still continue to go back, and have attended EVERY SINGLE one of his ‘Understand the Swing’ classes ever given, some twenty in all.  Never missed one.

I have trained and coached many talented juniors, collegiate, professional, and senior players.  I love golf. Its who I am.  I love to teach golf.

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