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Trained by Manuel de la Torre, 40,000 golf lessons since 1970–and still not done yet!


The podcasts are through there first draft, and can be listened to here, or at SoundCloud. Thank you to David Korn, Special Projects of Tacoma for helping create all this, and Tom Fallat of SoundSound Studio’s in Seattle for its … Continue reading

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Starfish: Inspirational

I am indebted to my dearest friend Apela for sharing this with me last night.  Lifts my spirits immensely. Starfish, by Eleanor Lerman This is what life does. It lets you walk up to the store to buy breakfast and the … Continue reading

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The Most Natural Way to Move a Golf Club

Please welcome my new YouTube Video Channel, Ken Kubitz, Professional Golf Instructor. Here is a nice selection, to my website here.  Play all is a wonderful feature!  We also are generating podCasts, and have recorded. Stay tuned! Here is Kelly Gardner … Continue reading

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Golf Tip: Lighten Up on That Grip

I was profiled in the Kitsap Sun, in the summer of 2008: ‘Golf Tip: Lighten Up on That Grip’ ‘People hold on to the golf club way too tight, especially men. Men are used to doing stuff with strength, and … Continue reading

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Web Page Started

Its great to finally have my OWN webpage.  PC arrives tomorrow.  Getting past the little iPhone, to a notebook computer.  Yea.

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Jordan Spieth’s Awesome 2015 Season in 15 Unbelievable Stats

‘He was burned out. That was the rumor about 22-year-old Jordan Spieth, who went 1-1-4-T2 at the four majors this year, before missing two cuts to start everyone’s least favorite sports playoff, The FedEx Cup. ‘But despite that slow start, … Continue reading

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