2008–Present: joined Tacoma First, Golf Center in Tacoma WA

2003-20083 Taught golf at Meadow Park Golf Course, Tacoma WA

1998-2003 Lake Spanaway Golf

1986-1997 North Shore Course, then Meadow Park Golf Course

1986-1989 Redwood Golf Range, various in Puget Sound

1980-1985 Was golf instructor at Bear Creek Country Club, in Woodenville WA, as recommended by Manual de la Torre.

1976-1979From there went on the Chehalis, working at NC Machinery in the tool room. Decided golf as a full career was for me, teaching golf every after work. Knew there would be a greater population base in the Puget Sound Area.

1974-75. Met geologists, in Silver City NM, so attempted to get jobs in geology in Spokane WA.


1973 Met a coworker, named Pam Kaiser, who recommended I go check out a woman named Mary, who I spent the next 39 years with. since she painfully lost custody of her kids with decent visiting rights with three daughters, went on the road again.

1972-76 Resumed employment with State of Wisconsin, this time, with Division of Family Services.

1971 Caddied on the PGA, traveling to 48 of 50 States, Canada and Mexico. Caddied for J.C. Snead.

1971 Divorced. Went on Golf Tour as a way of healing myself.

1967-1971 Got job as a Juvenal Parole agent, with Wisconsin State Department of Corrections.

1963-66 Ran Manual de la Torre’s golf shop, at the Milwaukee Country Club, which was most prestigious club in State of Wisconsin.

1962 Ran the golf shop at Marple Bluff Country Club, in Madison Wisconsin. learned from Dick Drennan, ‘if your gonna do something, god damn it, do it right’, and ‘You cannot put the I’m sorry in the cash register’.

1960 Got first real job, as an Attendance and Transportation Officer, for all the rural schools of Rock County Wisconsin. After four pm, used to go watch Russ Tuveson at the Janesville Country Club.

1959 First marriage, Gwen Engstad

1959 Matriculated, with Bachelors of Education. Wisconsin State College in White-Water.

1954-1956 Entered Navy. Played on Glenview Navel Air Station Golf Team–Illinois.

1952-54 Number one member, of Whitewater College Golf Team.

1951 Won Janesville City Golf Championship. Youngest winner, at that time.
1951 Member of winning team, Wisconsin State High School Golf Championship.

1945 Began playing golf at Janesville Municipal Golf Course, because family moved.

1933 Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin.