Manuel de la Torre

Here is a letter I wrote to my dear friend and long term teacher, Manuel de la Torre, last spring. We remain connected to this day. Then some videos of him:

Tacoma, Washington

Dear Manuel—
My since apologies for not reaching out to you at all, since I last saw you in the hospital following your stroke.

Have thought about you so often, and all that you have meant to me, given to me, over the years since I first had the privilege of working for you in 1963.

I’m continuing to experience so much solid success with my teaching (of course, using your concept/ideas) especially with very good players and eager talented kids.

Now being in the “winter” of my life, the last 5-10 years, I’ve begun to put quite a bit of energy (like you) teaching people how to teach; to pass this stuff on! Anyway, you get the idea.


Manual, I want to thank you for showing me the way, for showing me how, for the faith you’ve had in me, for your friendship, for all the memorable experiences during your (20) seminars, for the “family” of teachers you’ve created who use your ideas.

I miss you a lot, but am very aware that you’ll always be with me, as I continue to teach tomorrow morning and beyond.

What a remarkable role model you’ve been for me!

I love you, Manuel


SKMBT_C45215111315170[1]  SKMBT_C45215111315172[1]
———- ———-

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Manuel de la Torre Golf Swing [1]


Manuel de la Torre golf swing chip shot


Manuel de la Torre Golf Swing – 1990′


Manuel de la torre

[1] ‘Manuel de la Torre (born 6 October 1921) is recognized as being one of golf’s top teachers. His career includes playing competitively on tour, head golf professional at Milwaukee Country Club one of America’s most esteemed golf clubs, and a career of teaching both tour professional and amateur golfers.

‘Among the tour professionals he has taught are Masters champion Tommy Aaron, U.S. Women’s Open champion Carol Mann, du Maurier Classic champion Martha Nause and Women’s British Open champion Sherri Steinhauer. He was the first member of the PGA to be awarded their Teacher of the Year Award in 1986. He is one of only several golf instructors to be inducted into both the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame as well as the PGA Hall of Fame.

‘De la Torre won numerous golf tournaments, including the Wisconsin State Open five times and the Wisconsin PGA Professional Championship five times. He was elected to the Wisconsin Golf Hall of Fame in 1975. In 1999 he was inducted into the Northwestern University Athletic Hall of Fame.’

1 Response to Manuel de la Torre

  1. Steve Miller says:

    Great letter Ken! I worked for him at MCC in 1996 as an apprentice and starter. It was a tremendous honor. And I learned from him every day. Watched him give lessons the entire summer and now as I am entering my mid 60s I hope to be able to share his concept with as many as I can.


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