Special People


Manuel de la Torre ‘has been swinging golf clubs for 80 years. Ever since his father, Spanish tour winner and teaching professional Angel de la Torre placed a cut-down club in his toddler son’s hands, golf has been a joy and passion for Manuel.

‘Manuel found success playing golf, but he found his calling as a teaching professional. As the leading proponent of the Ernest Jones’ Swing Principles, Manuel is living proof that a concept based upon science and timeless simplicity can translate to great satisfaction and great scoring.

‘Manuel was head professional at Milwaukee Country Club from 1951 to 1996. He was PGA Teacher of the year in 1986 and is a four-time Wisconsin professional of the year. He is still active in teaching golf to amateurs, professionals, and teaching pros today.

‘His students have reached the apex of success in professional golf, including entrance to the LPGA Hall of Fame (Carol Mann) and winning back-to-back British Open Women’s Championships (Sherri Steinhauer). Manuel is also the current swing coach for former Masters Champion Tommy Aaron. Moreover Manuel has mentored numerous teaching professionals who are making the great game of golf more enjoyable to their students.

Manuel’s book, Understanding the Golf Swing, was first published in 2001, while his 
DVD of the same name was released in 2003.’
———- ———-


Dr. Apela Colorado ‘is Oneida-Gaul and a traditional cultural practitioner and indigenous scientist. She is dedicated to bridging dialogue between Western thought and indigenous worldview.

‘She founded the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network in 1989 to foster the revitalization, growth, and worldwide exchange of traditional knowledge and to safeguard the lives and work of the world’s endangered traditional practitioners. In 1997, Dr. Colorado was one of twelve women chosen from 52 countries by the State of the World Forum to be honored for her role as a woman leader.

‘She created the first doctoral program in traditional knowledge at the California Institute of Integral Studies. For twenty years she directed the Indigenous Mind Program, which led students into ways of exploring their ancestral and earth-based, holistic consciousness within a Western academic framework. She continues this work offering workshops in the ancestral remembrance process.’

Click here, if you wish to Donate to her work.  She has several programs.  Here is the most recent one.

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David Korn ‘Special Projects has over twenty years experience in the creation, planning, operation, delivery, and refinement of the complete life cycle of complex and demanding projects. These can involve people, results, or process. Projects can be for events, business planning, financial analysis, construction, litigation, or investment.

‘Areas of expertise include areas as wide and diverse as: project management and coordination, design and construction contract administration, sales and sale management, strategy and approach, marketing and communications, investment, building materials, CRM, logistics and inventory, establishing and employment of Google Docs as an integrated platform for personal and professional effectiveness.’


And Mary’s daughter, who wrote the following poem, which means the world to me:


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